Thursday, June 17, 2010

Where are the days going?!?!?!?!

I cannot believe how fast time is flying. It seems like just yesterday Michael and I got engaged and started planning and it has been TWO WHOLE months! In three days is Family Camp!!! I am not even packed!!! It seems like all I do is get up in the morning and do wedding stuff, barely eat, go to bed, and repeat the process.

It is kinda fun I do have to admit. It is definately an exciting time. Although it can get a bit overwhelming. I do have to say I have the greatest help, Mom Truck has been amazing! We have been brewing up some great ideas, we are a great team. (Mike included of course. I feel so bad, he does kinda feel left out)

I have the baker, photographer-the AMAZING Kari Morgan, reception place all lined up. We are working on a florist as we speak. The reception is all inclusive kinda which makes it soo much easier!

Anyway today Mike had my watch engraved!!! When he proposed he didn't have much time since he was planning to suprise and all. He was too busy trying to get the menu all taken care of ;). Since then I have been very paitent even though he might not say so. Regardless he suprised me! It was very sweet and thoughtful, it says "'Sherry, "I am Yours Till The End Of Time.' -Mike 4-17-10"

We had our save the dates send out today, I am so proud of myself!!! lol. I have written over 100 addresses, I do not want to see addresses as long as I live. The invitations will be better since they will have labels.

Now I have to get packing for camp! Can't wait!!!!

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  1. Sherry!
    I feel the same way.. These days are just going by way to fast. I feel like I hardly have time to do anything it's crazy... I am glad that your wedding plans are going good. :)... I can't wait till your wedding it will be fun!... As for camp in three days I can't believe it is here already..Packing! I feel you there because I haven't even started yet either. lol... Anyways I am glad you are going I can't wait to see ya for a whole week. It will be so much fun! :)
    Love ya lots! :)