Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Pacific Coast Camp 2010

      Well, where to begin? CAMP was AMAZING this year! the preaching, fellowship, recreation, attitudes, food.... were all great! I hope every young person left the camp saying "I refuse to be a part of another generation". I will be posting more pictures, but here is just a few. p.s. got any camp stories? I LOVE CAMP STORIES :-)


We had a HOLY GHOST PARTY on Friday Night!!! (For those of you who weren't there,
Bro. Davis preached and handed out party hats, symbolizing that we needed to have
a Holy Ghost PARTY!!)


  1. YES! Camp was awesome! God healed our friends leg in the "party" altar call! It was awesome! Hmm, as for camp stories...we had fun acting like little kids sliding through baby powder with our socks on the concrete floor in the girls dorms! Also one night my friend kept complaining there was something under her bed. (air mattress) We just laughed at her and thought she was being silly. She began insisting! Then she flipped out and said something ran under the closet. Another girl said she heard something scurry too. My friend dove up onto my cot and we were laughing. There is my camp story!

  2. Sherry!
    I love the picture! That is so AWESOME!!.. That message was awesome!.. Glad that I got to see you at camp! :)... I can't wait to see pictures!
    Love ya!

    p.s- Love the new additions to the blog! They look great! :)

  3. Well... my favorite camp story happened almost 21 years ago - that is when I met my husband!!

    For this year - it was awesome spiritually and great fun! I have a Dr. Pepper story, but it's between Sis. Marchbanks, my hubby and me!!

    It was wonderful seeing you again. Will you be working at camp next year since you'll be one of the old married folks??